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How To Become An Independent Property And Casualty Insurance Agent

Do you want to know how to become an independent property and casualty insurance agent? If you have are applying for an insurance license then make sure you choose property and casualty insurance line to sell. If you want to add more lines to sell then you have to choose accordingly in your application

Are you tired of working under someone else? Do you want to start your independent journey and learn how to start an insurance agency in Snellville? Well, the idea of starting an insurance agency can look glamourous on the outside because of its benefits, but not everyone can become successful at running one. When you become an independent insurance agent via an agency model then you should keep in mind these two models. Firstly, it is a franchise model. Secondly, it is an insurance FMO model. Also, the other option is to buy a book of business to jump start your agency. After purchasing a book of business, you can even list yourself in an insurance directory for wider audience exposure.  

Among those many insurance careers, an independent insurance agent makes a good amount of money. As per Bureau of Labor Statisticsthe annual median wage in the US was $52,180. Also, the commission helps to achieve more earnings for a successful agent. Before you want to become an insurance agent, you should procure an insurance license because it is mandatory in all U.S. states.  

how to become an independent property and casualty insurance agent

Franchise Model to start an insurance agency in Snellville 

A franchise model allows you to become an owner of an insurance business and grow your own book of business. When you choose a franchise model, the company helps you with operational assistance, access to carriers, technology in insurance, et cetera. However, you have to pay large sums of money to the franchisor. But this shouldn’t stop you from choosing this method because your agency is associated with a well-recognized brand.  

There are many insurtech companies that you can access to become a franchisee. Also, you should note that this agency model may not be flexible enough to grow because of a “non-compete” clause in the contract. Sometimes, you have to shut down your agency if you want to work with another company to grow your business.  

Insurance FMO Model to start an agency in Snellville 

While learning how to start an insurance agency in Snellville, a great way would be to research more on an Insurance FMO model. An FMO model provides agent with same services as the franchise model, but with a commission split. Usually, the commission split is 70/30 between the FMO and the agent. This model provides the same benefit as the franchise model but with higher freedom to grow. An FMO (Field Marketing organization) is a company that provides insurance services and product to the agents or agencies. This is also applicable when you want to know how to start an insurance agency in Florida. 

If you are clear on how to become an independent property and casualty insurance agent then you can guide someone on how to become a licensed insurance sales agent. Insurance industry is an easy entry that pays well. 

how to start an insurance agency
how to start an insurance agency